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Jun. 3rd, 2007 | 07:24 pm
mood: worried worried

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear etc.

Yesterday, after helping parentals to clear the garage (of which we did about 1/4 - theres a lot of junk in there!) I wrote notes on Locomotion.

Today I started on Organs of Digestion.

I am now even more scared by how little I remember, let alone know.

I have a fairly busy week coming up, so who knows how much I'll get done.  Whatever I manage, theres little chance of me learning enough in 2 weeks.

I repeat, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear etc.

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(no subject)

Apr. 24th, 2007 | 12:06 pm
mood: confused confused

For those of u who care, I'm feeling almost normal again! I'm looking forward to a visit from Bex and Jon later for supper and DVDS.  However I now have a dilemma (horse-related)

I don't know whether to stick with Bertie, the horse I share, or find a different horse to ride.

Pros of Bertie:
good location
really nice yard with lovely people and great facilities
very lexible owner who doesn't mind if I ride on different days and is very supportive
great instructor at the yard
shes a very straight-forward horse, no bad habits
she pushes and stretches me in my riding ability
she hacks alone
according to her owner, she's never got out of control or bolted when hacking

Cons of Bertie:
She a bit strong and quick for me
shes 19 and is stiff on the left rein
she stumbles quite a lot which scares me
she hates other horses which is awkward
shes a bit bigger than I like (shes about 16.2hh and I prefer 15hh or 15.2hh)
she gets too excited when I canter or do trot poles, so theres no way I'm brave enough to jump her
shes not really a schoolmistress, as she takes advantage of me when I get tense or nervous
she power-walks when I hack her which is a bit scary!
I only walk and trot her, cos I'm scared of cantering her (yes I'm pathetic!)

I've been keeping my eye open for a smaller, calmer horse to share in the Potters Bar area, but there isn't much going. Am I mad to give up  Bertie for another horse, or should I stick with her and try to conquor my cantering-fears?

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Opinions please

Apr. 29th, 2006 | 07:09 pm
mood: contemplative contemplative

I need some advice, but first here's a bit of background and some of my feelings on the matter.

I have made up my mind that I am going to quit work at the stables after this summer in order to free up my Saturdays and get get a real horse share (where its just me and the horse's owner who ride the horse, rather than what I do at the moment which is ride the riding school horses).

There are a number of reasons for this:

1) I am not really enjoying teaching anymore, mostly because I have a full day of teaching which I find tiring and stressful, because I sometimes have groups of up to 7 people (which I feel is too many) and because a lot of the horses aren't really suitable for the novice riders, so I am constantly on edge incase something happens (horse runs off, child falls off etc).

2) I don't feel I am doing a good job as a teacher. I am fine with kids and real beginners, as I can teach them all the basics which I know well, but when it comes to adults and more experienced riders they know as much as me anyway, so I can't teach them anything and I don't feel they are getting the value for money they would with a more experienced / qualified teacher. Oh yeah, and I think its probably illegal me teaching, as I have no qualifications or insurance or anything.

3) I have had some issues with the tack the owner uses - over this winter there have been a number of horses with ill-fitting saddles. I pointed this out to the owner on a number of occasions and not all of them were sorted out. How can you expect a horse to behave itself when it is in dis-comfort?

4) The owner can be very grumpy at times and is unpredictably bad-tempered ie. I never know when he's going to blow up and yell at me for nothing (this hasnt been quite so bad recently tho).

5) The other girl who works there has the owner wrapped around her little finger (not sure what sort of relationship they have, maybe almost a father-daughter relationship, maybe friends, maybe more) and continuously gets preferential treatment to me from the owner, has loads of horses which she doesn't pay for the keep of (unfair), demands the owner buys unsuitable horses (mostly youngsters which are not suitable for a riding school) and doesn't really pull her weight, tho she does do a lot for the welfare of the horses.

6) I strongly disagree with the way the riding school is going now - when I started riding and working there the owner had about 7 very well schooled horses - real schoolmasters and schoolmistresses. He now has a few decent horses as well as a selection of youngsters which have not been properly broken (either he got them from dodgy gypsy dealers so they were sat on early by gypsy kids, or he got them unbroken and the other girl who works there basically sat on them and rode them without any of the necessary proper preliminary work that should be done to get the horse fit before it is ridden) and are pretty much un-schooled because the owner is too big to ride them so they get ridden a couple of times a week by novices learning to ride.

7) The riding school recently moved quite a long way away from where I live, therefore I find it a chore to drive up there (it takes 45mins on a good day) and so don't go much so all the work I'm doing in return for free rides is for nothing, as I rarely actually go there to ride.

8) My favourite horses have all been sold, and although there are some really nice horses there, there isn't one that I really "bond" with at the moment.

After a lot of thought I made up my mind, however here is my dilemma. I have never had lessons anywhere else and I have a lot of loyalty towards the owner. He is an excellent teacher and has done an awful lot for me over the years in terms of helping me with my application to vet school, allowing me to help out when the vets visit, and with on-going treatment of horses such as giving antibiotic injections, taking me to the vet college when horses go for investigations / treatment, letting me ride for free when I havn't worked, taking us to competitions and not charging for diesel or horse hire etc etc. However, I have also done a lot for him, helped out, taught, stayed late to do girl guide group trips, been a reliable helper etc.

Basically I feel guilty for leaving the riding school cos I know he'll have problems without me (initially anyway - I'm sure he'll find someone else to help), especially since I am planning to share a horse with someone who he knows and doesn't rate much. Bex said its none of his business, which is true, but I still feel guilty.

So, here's the bit where I need your opinions: how do I tell him? What do I say? When do I say it(how much notice do I give)? Do I mention that I am planning on sharing a horse with this other person, or do I just say that I am too busy with vet course to work anymore?

Answers on a postcard please! (actually, just "comment" cos its cheaper and easier!)

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Diagnoses of my osteopath

Jan. 5th, 2006 | 04:43 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful

Well, mostly bad news, tho only in the short term - I'm not allowed to ride for 3 weeks!!!!! It turns out I have a very slight curvature of the spine (scoliosis) which is not very serious, but has caused a weak spot in the middle of my spine. I also have reduced mobility in my right hip (sacro-illiac something-or-another), as well as ridiculously tight hamstrings. I have to try to stretch my hamstrings as they are causing increased tension in my lower back. I also have to take up swimming in order to develop the muscles in my upper body and back, and possibly something like yoga to help with stretching etc. I also have a lot of tension in my neck and back and jaw so I have to go back for further treatment to try to relieve that. Apparantly the tension could stem from my traumatic birth(ask me if u want more details lol!)However, I have decided I really like osteopathy - its very relaxing and gentle and calm and it really does seem to make a difference. Hopefully the pain and tension will be gone in a few weeks and I'll be back on the horses!
Had an old school friend over today. She came to meet Triumph, and loved him! Was really nice to see her again and catch up, hence cheerful mood.

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(no subject)

Jan. 4th, 2006 | 03:04 pm
mood: sore sore

Going to the osteopath soon. Have had a dodgy back for a while, but its getting worse - I now have shooting pains when I'm riding, pain when lying down on my back in bed and cramps in my chest which I think are probably related. Please note - THIS IS NOT MY HYPOCHONDRIA!! ITS REAL!! So anyway, thats where I'm going and why. Also, I have modified my mood icon thingies, so they are PINK and go with my lj page! Yay!

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Bored bored bored

Jan. 3rd, 2006 | 10:42 pm
mood: lonely lonely

Ho hum, guess what? I'm BORED! And lonely. No one to talk to currently. bex1 is in barcelona, george1 has disappeared off the face of the earth (I think I may have pissed her off by not going riding with her the other day, tho may just be that she has no computer at home), transcendental is back at uni, norus has also disappeared off the face of the earth in the last day or two (despite me poking her thru facebook), okokjazz is flitting all over the country at the moment for one reason or another, and all my other friends are either still at home for hols or back at uni all over the country and abroad. No one interesting to talk to on msn at this time of night either (except a scary egyptian guy who was randomly added to my msn without me realising. I don't know who he is and he doesn't know who I am, but we've been chatting and perhaps he will become my friend? He's doing engineering at uni and has good enough english to make himself understood.) Also finished work today, so theres not even 100s of cats to keep me occupied! Oh dear, this is turning into a moan and I'm sure the last thing anyone reading this wants is to listen to me being irritatingly depressed. Will go away and concentrate on keeping new years resolutions.... might make me happier, you never know!

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New Years Resolutions

Jan. 2nd, 2006 | 07:30 pm
mood: thoughtful thoughtful

Well, since it is a new year, I feel I ought to have some resolutions, if only to have some to break! So here goes....
1) A new year and a fresh start without John, so I resolve to find a new man, but enjoy being single until man is found.
2) Be more sociable (should aid search for new man, as well as making me and my friends more happy - I hope).
3) Curb jealousy. Might make me a happier person (transcendental will know what I mean! Sorry for ranting earlier).
4) Train Tigga (and Triumph) out of wild barking for no obvious reason. Perhaps should be "curb Tigga's jealousy"!.
5) Eat less chocolate.
6) Work harder. More work = more chance of getting a 2:1 thus increasing chances of being a vet.
7) Overcome hypochondria. Once it starts to affect your day to day activities, you know you've gotta do someting about it! Tranquilisers?
8) Be more interesting.
9) Watch less tv - might help with numbers 2, 6 and 8.

More to follow when I think of them.

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Jan. 2nd, 2006 | 06:03 pm
mood: confused confused

ho hum. life is depressing. can't really say much more. GAAAHHHH!

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Dec. 22nd, 2005 | 06:45 pm

Think I am slowly getting the hang of this, but will let you know.

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Dec. 13th, 2005 | 05:12 pm
mood: confused confused

I don't really get this.... I just keep going round in circles..... On the up side, I have worked out how to post stuff, but I don't know how to write stuff on other people's things, like "leave a comment" type things. O well.....

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